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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


We believe that the first few years of life pave the way for children’s future education and it is so important to work with and nurture children. Because all children learn differently and are so diverse, we pay close attention to each child’s needs and gain knowledge of which way they learn best.


Daily Programs

Building Blocks Learning Center provides a daily program in which a child is encouraged to interact according to their individual ability. The rooms are divided into learning centers where children are encouraged to explore, create, inquire, and respond at their own level.


Their environment is structured to provide activities for language development, manipulation of materials, developing routines and work habits, and expressing feelings and ideas. The children are also grouped according to their developmental age, which enables the child to grow among his/her peers.


The teacher plans and implements activities which are developmentally appropriate to ensure that the children are being challenged, yet are obtaining successful experiences to promote self-worth. The major components of the curriculum are as follows:


Active Learning, Language, Representing Experiences & Ideas, Logical Reasoning, Understanding Time & Space.

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